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Straight staircase Bordeaux

This straight staircase Bordeaux is sold as separate treads. The staircase is the straight version of the spiral staircase Bordeaux. The steps must be bolted between two (steel) stair trees. The customer can determine the height of the step by dividing it proportionally over the height (and length) of the staircase.

Due to the perforated steps, the staircase is also very suitable for outdoor use, as the water does not remain on the steps.


The dimensions

The width of a tread is 915mm, whereas the depth of the tread is 265mm.

The weight

A (loose) tread weighs about 23kg.

The finishing

The treads are delivered without a finishing. It is up to the customer to choose the desired finishing: either to keep the raw appearance of the metal (cast iron), to wax or to paint. A (metal) wax or matt paint (anthracite grey or black) can be ordered and delivered with.


  • Heritage from the late 19th century, industrial era
  • Adjustable height (and flight) according to number of steps
  • Adds value to the property
  • Can be used both inside and outside


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