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Spiral staircase Dijon

It was around 1890 that the famous French art foundry Val d'Osne launched the production of this unique model staircase. The company was an art foundry founded in 1836 for manufacturing street furniture and decorative cast iron. The company quickly became the largest art cast iron maker in France under the name "Val d'Osne art foundry". The workshops were located in Val d'Osne (Haute Marne, France) and its headquarters and gallery in Paris. The massive growth of the company allowed them even to take over its competitors Barbezat and Ducel.

On a regular basis, Val d'Osne foundries were rewarded during several exhibitions. At the "Exposition des produits de l'industrie française" (French industry products exhibition) they received the silver medal in 1839 followed by the golden one in 1844 and 1845. The company took part in many international exhibitions, like the "Crystal Palace Exhibition" of 1851 in London. From that moment they received a worldwide acknowledgment.

The foundry worked over the years with many important artists and became famous for its monumental fountains, animal groups, staircases, statues and large groups of cast iron, after antique or classic models.


The height

The total height of the staircase can be achieved by accumulating the number of needed treads (knowing that a tread is 180mm in height).

The diameter

The diameter of the starcase is 1560mm (61.4 inch). The staircase is available in two directions: clockwise and anti-clockwise. The staircase needs 20 steps to the circle (full turn of 360°).

The landing

The (steel) landing connects the staircase to the upper floor/next level. A standard landing is available in three variations: square (in case of a square or rectangular stairwell), 1/5 round (in case of a round stairwell) or triangular (in case of a mezzanine or large square stairwell). In case of a deviant situation, a bespoke landing can be made.

The weight

The staircase weighs 26kg per tread, all elements (like balusters, handrail, central axe, etc.) included. The total weight can be calculated by multiplying the number of treads with the weight per tread.

The finish

The staircase is delivered without any treatment. It's up to the client whether to conserve the metal appearance, to let it rust or to stain, wax or paint the staircase. Wax and/or paint (gray anthracite and black) can be ordered with.

The balustrade

Supplementary balusters and handrail are available in the same style as the staircase in order to create a corresponding balustrade.


  • Heritage from the famous art foundry Val d'Osne
  • Sober and sturdy ambiance
  • Fits into every type of interior
  • Space winning compared to straight staircases
  • Adjustable height (according to the number of treads)
  • Supplementary balusters available to make a balustrade
  • Ads value to the building
  • Easy mounting system of interlocking
  • Can be put both interior as well as exterior
  • Available in two directions: clockwise and anti-clockwise

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