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Spiraltrappa Grand Paris StarbucksSpiraltrappa Grand ParisSpiral Staircase Grand Paris

Spiral staircase Grand Paris

The 'big brother' of the Paris model spiral staircase. Villa d'Or developed this version especially for public places. Width a diameter of 240cm (7.875 feet / 94.5 inches), this staircase is the perfect eye-catcher for a shop, warehouse or whatever public place. But if you have some space, why not put it in your own, personal home interior. The staircase will be put up shortly in a shoe shop in Paris.


The height

The height of the staircase can be determined by accumulating the number of treads needed to reach to the according level, knowing that the tread height is 16cm (0.525 feet / 6.3 inch). If necessary, the height of the treads can be adjusted (diminished by milling) in order to make a perfect fit.

The diameter

The diameter of the staircase is 240cm (7.875 feet / 94.5 inches), which is the outside diameter, handrail included. Ideally the stairwell is of the same dimension, but can be larger as well. The staircase is available turning anti-clockwise with a rotation speed of 16 treads to the circle (360 degrees turn).

The weight

The total weight of the staircase can be determined by multiplying the number of treads with 50kg.

The finish

The staircase is delivered in raw loose parts without any finish. It is up to the client to choose the desired finish: either to keep the raw appearance of the metal, to wax or to paint. A (metal) wax or matt paint (anthracite grey or black) can be ordered and delivered with.


  • Heritage from the second half of the 19th century
  • French craftmanship
  • Adjustable height (according to the number of treads)
  • Identical balusters available to create a securing balustrade
  • Merges fluently into every interior, from rustic to modern
  • Adds value to the property
  • Can be used both interior and exterior
  • 'A monument'



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