Gjutjärnstrappor by Villa d’Or

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Spiral staircase Versailles

The Versailles spiral staircase is the largest model in the Villa d'Or spiral staircase collection. This staircase is like what the Versailles castle is to other French castles.

The staircase is a marvelous witness of the work of the art foundry E. Capitain-Gény & Cie, founded in 1875. The history of the company goes even back to 1831 when Auguste Capitain joins his brother-in-law Brocard to build a factory at Bussy, on the right bank of the Marne (France). In 1889, the factory obtained a medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, featuring monumental pieces and artworks. This impressive model spiral staircase was one of the four staircase models the factory manufactured.

It was a lucky find in the garden of a Parisian architect (see photo). Covered with earth, Villa d'Or was able to salvage all the original and necessary elements to take this impressive model spiral staircase back into production.


The height

The needed height can be obtained simply by multiplying the number of treads. The height of a tread is 185mm.

The diameter

The diameter is 1850mm. The staircase needs 17 steps to the circle to make a full (360 degrees) turn.

The landing

The landing is the last tread, the exit of the staircase, connecting the staircase to the upper floor. A bespoke landing will be made according to the form of the stairwell.

The weight

The staircase weighs about 25kg per tread, all elements included.

The finish

The staircase is delivered in raw loose parts without a finish. It is up to the client to choose the desired finish: either to keep the raw appearance of the metal, to wax or to paint. A (metal) wax or matt paint (anthracite grey or black) can be ordered and delivered with.

The balustrade

To make a balustrade, to secure the stairwell, there are additional balusters available in the same style as the staircase. The number of balusters needed is calculated according to the distance in between the balusters.


  • Art object of the Art Nouveau (Victorian) period
  • Witness of the work of the French art foundry E. Capitain-Gény & Cie
  • Eye-catcher, adding value to a home or building
  • Additional balusters available to make a railing/balustrade
  • Easy assembly (assembly instructions included)
  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoors

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